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RT Custom Solutions is a home based computing company, specialising in custom gaming computers for individual clients. Each computer is unique and built to your specification. Modding options and full customisation offer you the computer of your dreams at a competitive price. We have a wide range of made on order computers to suit everyone. Choosing one of our pre assembled systems means you only need to arrange delivery or collection and lose no time waiting for a customised system. Visit the store and choose options to suit your budget. Computers available to suit small businesses, gaming machines for the keen gamer kid or a new 18 core workstation capable of destroying anything in its path, RT Custom Solutions has a computer for you. Each computer we build is assembled to a quality standard ensuring customer satisfaction. We build system we ourselves would be happy to buy and this drives our aim of supreme build quality and aesthetics. Using existing stock means we can keep prices lower and provide a faster turn around so you have your computer sooner.
We also provide repair and upgrade services. Have a slow running computer, stuck with an old version of windows or plagued with viruses? Visit the services section to learn more. From virus removal to complete clean outs, revitalisation services we can get the oldest computer running like new, Upgrade options for both the exterior appearance and internal functionality. Have your name etched on a tempered glass side panel or perhaps the logo of your favourite team, game or brand. Unlimited creativity is possible using high quality vinyl transfers.
Whether you want services on a system you already own, looking at getting a new one or have a question feel free to email, text us or give us a call.
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Every cable connected, Every screw tightened. Everything thoroughly tested and made to last.

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Offering variety of hardware providing different tiers of performance we get you a computer for whatever your requirements.

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We offer a wide variety of hardware and make sure that your computer is tailored to what you will be using it for while still being at a competitive price.

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In need of more performance? Is your system getting warmer? Contact us for a variety of different options for how we can resolve it. With excellent warranty support, technical support and advice you can rely on RT Custom Solutions to get you going.

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We are always trying to make your experience with getting a computer as smooth of a process as possible, if you ever need any  help we will try our best to help you out, before and after getting your computer.

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