RT Custom Solutions

RT Custom Solutions is a home based computing company, specialising in custom gaming computers for individual clients each computer someone buys is unique to another. Modding options and full customisability make it so you get the computer of your dreams at competitive prices. To suit everyone we have a wide range of made on order computers to suit anyone. Don’t wait around designing your computer, Look on the store pick your budget and get a new computer whether it be for your new small business, your child’s new gaming computer or your new 18 core workstation capable of destroying anything in its path, RT Custom Solutions has a computer for you. Each computer we build is constructed to a level of satisfaction that we ourselves would be happy buying. That is the thought process within each computer to ensure supreme build quality and pristine aesthetics. You want your computer to be an art piece in the house, not a piece of equipment.
On a tight budget? Not got a lot of time and need a computer FAST? Look no further than the Pre-Built computer lineup. Already built and configured these computers can be with you as quick as possible. Using a random selection of parts from stock manage to reduce prices of computers, a lot of the time much lower than you could find elsewhere. Got a computer already but its running slow, plagued with viruses and old versions of windows? The services section of the eStore has what you need. From virus removal to complete tear-down cleans we will get your computer up and running! Thinking your current computer could do with a little more bling or some extra frames in your favourite games? We offer full modding to computers and hardware upgrades! Get your name etched on the tempered glass side panel, Have the logo of your favourite sports team or name of your favourite game on your computer, Vinyl transfers permit unlimited creativity with what you want
RT Custom Solutions as a new design and series of computers incoming due for this christmas! We will be keeping you updated with build logs as we begin designing our computers and as our website developer works on a new theme for us! We are very excited to share this next chapter of RT Custom Solutions and hope to impress you with what we come up with. We are still in very early stages of the project but its looking promising and that we will have a very unique feel to the website and a set of computers to fit every budget, use case and look amazing.

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