Virtual cooler – Q300L, Skylake i5, GTX1060, 8GB


Built for budget gaming the 6th generation of Intel processors was a tick generation, the change of architecture. A quad core with serious processing power at an amazing price. The intel i5 6400
MSIs H110M Pro-VD Plus motherboard is a great value compatible motherboard with room to upgrade.
With 8gb of DDR4 RAM this system will do the job and have room for expansion.
For storage this computer has a 120gb Solid state drive and a 1tb hard disk drive at 7200rpm.
The case is a CoolerMaster Q300L which is a small compact and stylish new case, the high air flow and excellent cable management make this case the ideal choice and was the reason this computer is called “Virtual Cooler” as this computer was built for entry VR Gaming.
For powering this computer we have chosen a 750w power supply, this gives alot of overhead for any upgrades and overclock you want.
Pushing frames and keeping temps cool is the Asus GTX1060 3GB Phoenix fan edition.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 43 x 27 x 45.1 cm

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