IvyBridge- i5 3470, 8GB, 1TB HDD, Bitfenix nova, GTX770


The Intel i5 3470 is a great performing chip despite its age, with 4 cores and 4 threads this is a great processor for gaming and light productivity workloads. Coming in clocked at 3.2GHz and with 6Mb of cache, Intel’s Ivy-bridge i5 is still competitive.
For pushing frames and running programs 8gb of DDR3 ram will be plenty in this system, Leaving room for expansion later on.
Nvidias GTX770 2gb is a fantastic card and still able to perform similar to current generation hardware while coming in at a lower price allowing great budget builds like this one.
The ARCTIC – Alpine 11 GT Rev 2 is a good cooler coming in at a great price, insanely quiet at only 22.5 dbA and up to 2000rpm.
Bitfenix has got a lot of cases in the nova lineup but for simplicity and cleanliness we went for the Bitfenix nova white, Good IO and plenty of room for expansion made this case a great choice, and one we’ve worked with many times before.
For storage this computer comes equipped with a 1TB 3.5″ 7200rpm HDD, Pre-loaded with Windows 10 pro.
Powering this rig is a Novatech 750w power supply.

For shipping please check our DPD Shipping calculator during checkout, We also accept local collection from G67 1EZ and can deliver if you live within 1 hour of that post code.

As standard all RT Custom Solutions computers come with a lifetime technical support promise, meaning if you need help with anything we can walk you through it through your preferred chat method or can even set up a remote assist with TeamViewer to do what needs done for you. All free of charge, for the lifetime of your computer.
The computer comes with a 1 year parts warranty meaning in the very rare case of something going wrong we will replace the part for you and you only pay for shipping costs where applicable.
If you decide you want to upgrade your computer we do provide 5 years of labour on the computer, again applicable to shipping charges.

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